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Design the perfect cloud architecture for your business

Cloud architectures of the past often consist of a patchwork of hybrid solutions. But most cloud providers today offer integrated suites of cloud-native services that make building, testing, and deploying pipelines easier.

Empower your developers to design, collaborate, and deploy their applications at scale under the same roof. At NYL Technology, we offer the expertise your business requires to transition from the traditional model of DevOps to a completely cloud-native architecture. Take advantage of the high-speed, high-performing cloud infrastructure to achieve your goals of building high-quality software with continuous, rapid releases.

Whether you’re building your cloud infrastructure on Kubernetes or AWS, be it for frontend or backend purposes—we have you covered.

Maximize your business throughput by designing a cloud architecture that fits your budget and unique business needs.

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We partnered with NYL because they were very proactive about getting the requirements in detail from us. Comparatively, other companies move slowly, but these nerds move fast. They gather more information before the project is kicked off, which is very positive.

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Evaluate your organization’s tech landscape to assess cloud readiness

Improve workload distribution

We will help you assess your existing business requirements and recommend the right cloud architecture that meets your unique workload needs.

Ensure data resiliency

We will help you architect powerful servers, storage, and networking—the foundation of any cloud data center—to ensure good cloud reliability and disaster recovery.

Automate IT operations

Leverage cloud automation technologies like AWS or Azure to automatically create, modify, and share resources on the cloud to meet on-demand IT requirements.

Autoscale your output

Pre-define specific conditions to automatically scale up or down your cloud computing and deployment capabilities and handle high or low traffic spikes with a breeze.

Here’s how our cloud design and architecture process looks like


Choose architecture style

We will help you choose the right architecture style based on your industry, unique business needs, future requirements, and other contexts.


Identify the right technologies

We will help you choose related technologies in the area of computing, storage, networking, and analytics to design a robust cloud architecture.


Identify the skill gaps

We will assess the potential of your in-house IT team to not just run the migration but manage the migration once it’s complete.


Build application architecture

Build and firm up the cloud application architecture in parallel based on several variables such as your domain and organizational context.


Apply cloud design patterns

Implement an iterative development process to layer the architecture with cloud design patterns such as Bulkhead, CQRS, or Strangler Fig.


Run the architecture framework

Run the architected framework to examine the workload and test the performance across cost optimization, reliability, and security.



We will continue to provide the support needed to test and create a stable environment.

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