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Tusker Hydraulics improves its demand prediction with 95% accuracy

Tusker Hydraulics makes big strides in improving its sales forecast and overall profitability with a custom-built lead management system.

About Tusker Hydraulics

Established in 2009, Tusker Hydraulics are manufacturers of a wide range of high-quality hydraulic cylinders mostly to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors. Although small in size compared to the big incumbents in its domain, the Iowa-based company takes pride in making a name for itself for producing precision-engineered superior quality hydraulic cylinders and other solutions for every possible cylinder application.

In a short period of time since its inception, Tusker has earned a clientele that spans across the globe. Most of its clients are from industries that rely heavily on hydraulic cylinders for their everyday operations, such as agriculture, materials handling, construction, mining, oil & gas, and crane & boom trucks.

As with every growing business, Tusker’s team has been through a few problems in their operational journey that caused it to lose time and leave money on the table.

Tusker was looking at a mammoth of a problem

The Tusker team crossed paths with NYL Technology for the first time in 2019 when they were looking for help in redesigning their website. Tusker’s business was growing and they wanted to harness the power of the Internet as a possible channel for growth.

Keeping up with our standard approach, the NYL Technology team first ran a thorough analysis to better understand how Tusker Hydraulics’ was handling its online presence at the moment. At its bare bones, it was essentially a SWOT analysis to assess Tusker’s areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Once the groundwork was over, the NYL analysts presented a report to Tusker’s management outlining several recommendations to fix the areas that were posing challenges to Tusker’s online growth.

One of such recommendations—for example—was to consolidate all lead gen efforts from Tusker’s social media, live chat widget, IVR, email lead forms, and web forms in order to improve quality lead sourcing and process efficiency. This was based on their analysis which found that Tusker’s existing lead generation channels were disjointed and completely out of sync with the company’s business processes.

Tusker’s team responded by asking the NYL team to take full stock of their entire digital ecosystem so that they could run a similar analysis to identify areas of improvement.

Our team found another mammoth problem that was stymying Tusker Hydraulics’ growth potential—slow and inaccurate manual processes that interfered with the company’s operational efficiency. Therefore, we recommended building an automation solution unique to Tusker’s internal processes to eliminate the manual processes, reduce IT risks, and boost productivity—all at a minimal cost.

Our experts also suggested building an automated and centralized lead management system to facilitate informed and more accurate sales predictions. Taking all these proposals into account, Tusker Hydraulics contracted NYL Technology as an official technology partner to help them address their problem with suitable IT solutions.

Contrary to our initial engagement that limited the scope of the project to design Tusker Hydraulics’ website, the NYL team ended up reconstructing a new digital process for the company.

Getting the ducks in a row

The NYL team pulled their socks up and got down to work. We decided to start with developing an MVP version of a centralized lead management platform to validate the concept and get the client’s confidence. The MVP focused on two key modules—centralized lead management to capture leads from across the board and data studio to provide critical sales insights.

Our team made a detailed on-site discovery which helped us identify some of the key features and processes that validated the project. Within two months of the project kickoff, the NYL team completed building the MVP app and presented the solution to the Tusker team who—after reviewing the app—ushered the project to the next stage of developing a full-scale web app.

In the next phase, our team of developers designed a more mature version of the Centralized Lead Management System with all the features that the Tuskers team needed.

With this unique solution, the teams at Tusker Hydraulics now had access to a data-driven sales module that enabled key stakeholders in the company to make informed decisions. The NYL data science specialists also created several analytics modules for Tusker Hydraulics to help them with production planning, sales planning, customer segmentation, and behavior prediction.

For example, the newly-installed solution provided the Tusker team a weekly forecast on sales demand by analyzing historical sales data, account seasonality, and other factors. This helped the client company significantly make several short- and long-term predictions regarding their hydraulics productions and sales.

Project outcomes


accuracy in demand forecast


increase in production rate

  • Single point of orchestration
  • Reduced costs
  • Higher profits

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