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Vista Billabong builds a cutting-edge admission portal to simplify its complex processes

With a little help from NYL Technology, Visa Billabong gives its admission portal a new lease on life.

About the Vista Billabong High International School

Vista Billabong is an international school in Chennai established in 2018. The school was founded with a vision to offer a holistic education that promotes knowledge and understanding through various academic and non-academic learning methodologies.

The school offers preschool, primary school, and middle school classes for children with an aim to impart multi-dimensional education with a scientific approach.

Within a short span of time, Visa Billabong has been able to garner a lot of praise from parents in the Chennai region for providing quality education and focusing on the overall development of the students and not just academics.

Their rising popularity in the region also means that the admission season at Vista Billabong keeps the staff busy as a bee. Every year, Vista Billabong gets a ton of applications from new parents who want to admit their wards in the school.

Vista Billabong was going through some teething issues.

Like every new entrepreneurial venture, Vista Billabong was staring at some challenges that are imminent to every growing business. In Vista Billabong’s case, it was the ever-increasing influx of admission applications during the new academic session.

As a school that was just cutting its teeth, its admission process was still largely manual. The lack of an effective digital system slowed down the admission process, led to application backlogs, and made the entire process prone to errors.

The school management started looking out for a fully digital alternative—a unique web solution that offered a seamless admission experience from start to finish. In their search of finding an experienced software development vendor, Vista Billabong came into touch with the NYL Technologies team with a partially-ready MVP (minimum viable product) concept.

Once the agenda had been established, NYL Technologies shouldered the responsibility of building a cutting-edge web application for Vista Billabong and led them through a series of development cycles to launch a product that met their requirements.

The NYL team gets the ball rolling

At the preliminary stage, the NYL team held a three-day product design workshop with the Vista Billabong management to understand their expectations better. Different experts from the NYL team such as our business analysts, product engineers, and UX designers interacted with the client over the three-day workshop to discuss the product prototype and refine the app’s functionality for optimum result.

A few weeks later, the NYL team presented a new technology solution to the clients that was completely unique to the school’s admission process. The new tool not only digitized the application process but automated the admission workflow across the parents and the school authority.

Project outcomes


comprehensive admission portal


UX through a single, clearly-structured workflow

  • automated the admission workflow
  • digitized the application process

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