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Empower Business with GEN AI solutions and tangible outcomes.

GEN AI has become ubiquitous, prompting enterprises to seek rapid integration for enhanced cost efficiency and improved business performance. However, many are uncertain about the initial steps.

NYL Technology serves as a reliable strategic ally for businesses in need of secure GEN AI solutions and tangible outcomes. With our profound data proficiency, leadership in Digital Engineering, and track record of successful collaborations with leading global organizations, we offer a distinct advantage in the market.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes AI strategy consulting, custom GEN AI solution and Services  and seamless integration, ensuring that businesses can harness the power of GEN AI to achieve their strategic objectives.

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Custom LLMs


Solved Usecases


Solutions built using OpenAI's advanced technologies span across various domains, revolutionizing industries with their innovative capabilities. From natural language processing models like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) to reinforcement learning frameworks like OpenAI Gym, these solutions empower businesses to automate tasks, enhance decision-making processes, and improve customer experiences. OpenAI's language models enable conversational AI applications, virtual assistants, and content generation tools, driving efficiency and creativity in communication.


Solutions constructed using Llama LLM (Large Language Models) focus on advancing natural language processing capabilities to address various linguistic challenges. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques in deep learning and neural network architectures, Llama LLM facilitates tasks such as language generation, understanding, and translation with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. These solutions empower industries ranging from healthcare to finance by providing robust tools for sentiment analysis, document summarization, and multilingual communication, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making processes.

What’s our software development process like



You tell us what you’d like to build and which business goals you want to achieve



We’ll work with you to determine how it should all tie back to existing processes.


Design or prototyping

Our expert team will ideate how the software will ideally look and function.



When you give us the go, we will start building the software with ongoing quality assurance.



We work with you to determine whether the software works as expected.



We work with your team to launch the software solution for your organization.


Maintenance and support

We’ll continue monitoring the solution in an ongoing capacity and provide support as needed.

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