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Fixser revs up its digital transformation process with NYL Tech

FixSer hits the road running with help from NYL Technology to reimagine its SaaS interface and improve overall profitability.

About FixSer

FixSer is a Chennai-based online startup that aggregates automotive garages to show to customers who are looking to repair their vehicles. From smaller maintenance requirements like dent repairs to body paint to complex tasks like engine diagnostics to transmission repairs—FixSer helps them fix it all.

Customers simply have to open Fixser’s website or access its mobile app and enter the details about the kind of services they are looking for. Within minutes, the platform matches the customer requirements with all the garages that offer the services and sends price quotes directly on their phone. Customers can choose from the cheapest quote or the repair shop that’s located near them and—voila!—their car gets a facelift in no time.

Founded in 2018, FixSer has onboarded over 500 garages across the greater Chennai region and delivered its services to more than 12,000 happy customers.

Fixser was looking to fine-tune its growth problems

Like all startups, FixSer had to navigate through a lot of challenges during the initial days of its growth.

One among Fixser’s many challenges was that its product’s existing user interface (UI) wasn’t up to the mark. When FixSer started seeing traction for its product, the team behind the product knew that it was time for them to put the pedal to the metal to match their fast growth.

When NYL Technologies first came into contact with FixSer, they also had a technical requirement—to develop a backend web app with a multi-tenancy architecture approach to improve the user experience (UX) concerning booking and appointments.

All of Fixser’s services were online, which meant that they had to build a versatile app that was compatible across all digital platforms like mobile, desktop, and tablets. And because FixSer only operated and offered its services within the greater Chennai area, it wanted a smart solution that mapped the users’ location with the nearest garages along with price comparisons for them to make informed buying decisions.

The problems were plenty, but the solution was simple—to transform their SaaS application into a versatile marketplace app where buyers and sellers could easily find each other.

Getting the horse before the cart

At NYL Technology, we follow a rigid software development process before we take on a project. So instead of diving straight into the project development—which is like putting the cart before the horse—we always start with a thorough reconnaissance of the project.

During the project kick-off with the FixSer team, a team of experts from NYL Technologies held a two-day, on-site product design workshop at the client location to define the scope, create realistic user personas, and draw up customer journey maps. Gathering this intel was critical for us since FixSer operated in a niche that was seeing fierce competition from other startups—some of which had a pan-India presence.

For the next couple of weeks—business analysts, product designers, and architects from NYL Technologies visited the FixSer office regularly to tighten the loose ends before the development sprint began.

Once we had a deep understanding of the client requirements, our development team rolled our sleeves and got to work. As the first sprint of the project progressed, we reimagined a completely new web-based client app that helped FixSer users look up garages, compare price quotes, book services, and make payments right from the app.

The finishing touch in the project was an improved UI that offered a world-class user experience consistently across the mobile, tablet, and desktop interfaces. The new app also came with an improved capability of providing the location of the partner garages on the listing page whenever a customer looked up a garage in the app.

As per Fixser’s requirement, our team also built a multi-tenancy backend app with secure and scalable cloud architecture. The new solution helped customers manage their account information, handle payments, and manage invoices from within the app. The NYL team also developed a communication module within the platform that sent real-time email notifications to users regarding their service status.

Our Continuous Integration team used the top-performing DevOps tools to assure that the entire development and deployment process was seamless for every sprint release. Take a look at everything that’s under the hood in Fixser’s new app:

  • FrontEnd Development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular with Material Design
  • Backend Development: NodeJS, GraphQL
  • Mobile: React Native
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Cloud: AWS (CloudFront, SE Media, EC2, Application Load Balancer, SQS Message Queue/Kafka
  • DevOps: GitHub, Jenkins, ECR Docker Manager, Terraform
  • Project Management: AzureDevOps

Our team also integrated the new FixSer app with third-party CRM (customer relationship management) software to help Fixser’s internal teams manage customer data, track payments, and record transactions.

Project outcomes


comprehensive digital portal


UX through a single, clearly-structured workflow

  • Hybrid Mobile app to support the end customer
  • Web App for the garage vendors
  • Admin app for the management

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