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Leverage Cloud+DevOps to achieve your digital transformation goals

DevOps is often at the intersection of operations, programming, and quality. Complement your DevOps processes with a range of cloud technologies and improve the developer productivity and efficiency.

At NYL Technology, we offer bespoke services to help you automate your end-to-end software delivery pipeline. Stay competitive, agile, and drive digital transformation with our deep expertise in cloud engineering and DevOps.

Cloud and DevOps solutions are essential for achieving shorter development cycles, faster time to market, higher quality software, and increased deployment speed.

Get in touch with us to know how you can use cloud engineering to give your developers more control and reduce wait times. Optimize cloud environments today to achieve better agility and DevOps efficiency.

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We partnered with NYL because they were very proactive about getting the requirements in detail from us. Comparatively, other companies move slowly, but these nerds move fast. They gather more information before the project is kicked off, which is very positive.

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Go for a truly transformative IT operations

Improve developer efficiency

Give your developers control over the IT components to automate the development cycle, manage code architecture, and improve scalability.

Streamline development processes

Use cloud technology to further your IT transformation goals and streamline your DevOps processes to achieve bigger, better, faster results.

Eliminate the chances of errors

Automate recurring processes and add a layer of security to reduce errors, inconsistencies, and establish security controls from the get-go.

Automate system maintenance

Use DevOps to effectively manage code and reduce cloud complexities. Design automated cloud architectures to improve system maintenance.

Here’s how our Cloud+DevOps implementation looks like


Identify development requirements

We will do a reconnaissance of your existing development processes and recommend the changes you need to make for the future.


Define the ROI

We will help you analyze the implementation’s pros and cons to make sure there’s a justifiable business case for it.


Define the DevOps processes

DevOps are continually changing. We will account for the trials, errors, and revisions that might occur as part of the process improvement.


Link DevOps+cloud

Determine the “what” and how” of the implementation to consolidate DevOps’ with the cloud platform and avoid complexities.


Decide how CloudOps will operate

Give developers greater control and visibility into the processes so that they can develop codes that will improve the cloud operations.


Run the architecture framework

Run the architected framework to examine the workload and test the performance across cost optimization, reliability, and security.



We will continue to provide the support needed to test and create a stable environment.

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