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Custom firmware solutions that meet your business needs

NYL Technology provides A–Z firmware development services to help you fulfill your hardware and software development needs. We have deep-rooted industry expertise in the software and hardware development domain to build software-embedded firmware technology.

Our firmware engineers bring decades of hardware development expertise to lead you throughout the entire project with utmost care and precision.

We develop critical hardware, embedded software, and firmware technologies for high-performance businesses or product companies. With our rich engineering experience, systematic design processes, and nimble engineering teams, we can help you build market-changing products that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Contact us today to develop fast, secure, and fully customized firmware solutions for your business requirements.

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We need firmware skilled people who could work remotely and deliver on time, which they gave very efficiently. NYL’s reliability and trustworthiness add massive value to our partnership continuing.


Complete embedded-systems solutions from concept to design—in no time

Embedded OS

Develop efficient operating systems to enable firmware actuators and sensors that react to user inputs. Create smart algorithms to activate embedded systems like microprocessors, microcontrollers, FPGAs, or ASIC.

Embedded apps

Connect and control all your embedded systems to a centralized network to create a complete IoT device. Remotely update and manage the network with wireless technologies like SigFox, NB-IoT, or LoRa.

Event-based firmware design

We can help you design event-driven firmware apps for devices with limited functionality and latency requirements. The events are inputs that end users call at specific times.

Firmware development for Linux

Need firmware for an open-source, customer kernel OS? No problem. We can help you code lightweight, cost-effective, and limited-purpose firmware solutions to access Linux hardware.

Here’s how we approach firmware development at NYL Technology


Requirement analysis

We start by evaluating your business requirements, gathering data about your firmware application, and mapping it to your business use cases.


Algorithm composing

Next, our engineers will code a complex set of algorithms—embedded instructions to activate specific firmware devices.


Firmware coding

To ensure the embedded software is correctly reacting to user commands, we will alter device programming or rewrite the firmware code as needed.


Rapid prototyping

We will design concept sketches, create CAD models of the prototype, and produce 3D files for your evaluation and review.


System testing

We will test the firmware’s functionality and the responsiveness of the embedded system to ensure a smooth user experience.




Once we’ve completed the development process, we begin the production of the products.



We will continue to provide our technical support and reiterate the firmware programming even after the project is complete.

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