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At NYL Technology, our deep expertise in the IoT domain has helped several businesses set off their digital transformation journey. We are leaders in IoT consulting, engineering, and developing end-to-end IoT solution capability.

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Mobile Apps developed


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We were able to deliver the application within our budget and timeline. Quality results made us reengage with them for further development.


Create a ​​holistic, IoT-enabled business environment

Improved business performance

We build end-to-end IoT solution capability that will help you automate everyday work without any human intervention. Let our experts design, develop, and deploy custom IoT apps that can improve your operational efficiency and accelerate your time-to-market.

Optimized for innovation

Continuously improve your operational capabilities by leveraging real-time quality monitoring, cutting wastages, and identifying nonconformities in your processes. Let us help you create IoT-connected apps that align all your business operations for optimum outcomes.

Better analytics and forecasting

We help you custom-build IoT apps that leverage Big Data and machine learning to aggregate vast amounts of data in real-time. This means more visibility into your business processes, data-driven analytics, and near-perfect revenue projection.

Time and cost-effective

We offer comprehensive IoT testing and analytics to enable deep insights using AI and ML capabilities to develop highly scalable IoT solutions. Enabling machine-to-machine communication empowers the devices to be more time- and cost-efficient.

Here’s how we approach our IoT consulting services


Project planning

We will work with you to come up with a realistic expectation from the project and its scope. We will also estimate the project timeline and cost, list out the resources required, and outline any risks involved.


Strategy planning

During strategy planning, we will research your business use cases and devise a high-level strategy for optimum impact. We will then break down the strategy into bite-sized action items to meet the timelines.


Hardware planning

We will shortlist high-value tech components to ensure they are compatible with your business use cases and align with other variables such as shop floor temperature, light, vibration, or humidity.


Solution prototyping

Based on the preliminary planning, we will visually map and connect the devices together to prototype an early version of the IoT solution. This will help us test the devices’ responsiveness and analyze any gaps before launching the final solution.


Full-scale development

At this stage, we will configure the user application to set control algorithms, embed sensors, and set up gateways to enable data exchange between the various IoT devices. We will continue the security testing even after the launch to monitor and remediate any process anomalies.


Implementation and testing

We will test and monitor the apps’ performance, fix bugs and patches, and offer our support on an as-needed basis.


Maintenance and support

We’ll continue monitoring the solution in an ongoing capacity and provide support as needed.

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