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We provide next-gen web application development services to help you keep up with the constantly evolving technological landscape. We develop custom web applications using technologies like Angular, React JS, and Node JS to meet the specific needs of your business

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We have an enhanced understanding team of engineers at NYL who support us in the project delivery with different skillsets on a need basis.

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Deploy robust and responsive web apps

Dynamic web applications

Choose us to design high-performing dynamic web apps that come with complex security enhancements. Our team of expert developers use MEAN and MERN frameworks to deliver truly cross-platform dynamic web app capabilities.


We help you develop a minimum viable product (MVP) using a user-centric approach. This approach allows you to receive valuable insights to understand how viable the product is and make necessary changes to optimize the product performance — all of which empowers you to launch a product that truly impacts the market.

Progressive web apps

We develop fast-loading PWAs that your website users can launch from any device without having to open a web browser. We use React.js, Angular.js or Vue.js to build PWAs that also work offline.

Client-side web apps

Get visually-stunning web apps that offer amazing UX and blazing-fast performance. We help you build beautiful front-end web applications that prioritize user interface (UI) while needing little to no client-side rendering.

Here’s our process to develop powerful web apps



We help you refine a vague idea into concrete terms and help you identify the right kind of mobile and web application development services that meets your needs.


Project kick-off

We work alongside your product team to define the project’s scope and gather the necessary resources.



Our developers will design a wireframe of the web app to demonstrate its look and feel and functionalities.



We follow an agile process framework to work backwards in completing the web application development on time.



We take effective quality assurance (QA) measures to ensure that the final product is free of technical issues, bugs, etc.



We will help you deploy the final version of the app within the defined timeline to ensure a smooth launch.


Post-launch support

We continue to work with you to fix bugs, implement feedback, optimize the app’s performance, or add new website elements on the go.

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Frequently asked questions

What is web application development?

A web application is a computer program that leverages the browser to execute specific functions. It communicates with the server-side for processing data through an HTML, AJAX, or API request. At NYL Technology, we offer web application development services to help you build apps to grow your business.

How is a web application different from others?

A web application is a combination of both a mobile application and a website. For example, not all web application development companies in India offer hybrid app development services that are compatible across mobile and web platforms. But NYL Technology offers truly cross-platform web and mobile app development services.

What are the frameworks for web application development?

We are a Web Application development company based in Chennai and we use all frameworks such as PHP, Nodejs, React, and Angular for web application development.

How much does web app development cost?

When you are planning for web application development, cost is an essential aspect to consider. Our web application services don’t come at a fixed price, but we offer customized and budget-friendly solutions that fit your needs.

What are the different kinds of web apps developed?

We offer a wide range of web app development services such as static web apps, dynamic web apps, progressive web apps, and client-side web apps.

What are the pros and cons of developing a web app for my business?

In contrast to mobile apps, web apps offer customizable, scalable, and cross-platform capabilities. They also need low maintenance unlike websites or mobile apps.