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10 Big Signs that indicate E-Commerce Replatforming


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10 Big Signs that indicate E-Commerce Replatforming

Most businesses are likely to consider the possibilities of E-Commerce re-platforming as an effective means to increase scalability and profitability. For a successful migration, companies need to compare platforms, install a new system, transfer data, and build a new E-Commerce platform. E-Commerce website development is necessary to optimize your efficiency as the site grows, the old site becomes difficult to manage. E-Commerce re-platforming is essential over the course of your journey.


Technology is developing at a rapid speed. This means that a proportionate up-gradation is necessary to prevent vulnerable situations like scripting attacks. XXS attacks are prominent among old websites that lack competency. If you are still operating in the same platform that you once operated, then it is high time to undertake E-Commerce website re-platforming. Failure to do so can compromise the user’s data and greatly impact your future business.

Code executions

Old websites are more prone to remote code execution attacks. Hackers can easily manipulate your website and damage the server by running a malevolent code on a susceptible Magento server. Hence, to prevent CSV file execution, it is ideal to opt for E-Commerce re-platforming.


The installation of software called ransomware can deeply impact user experience. It demands a fee to access their data and can be directly launched to the website link. Such malicious software can only be averted by a complete E-Commerce website re-platforming to Magneto 2 extensions.

1. Botnet Attack

Botnet attacks may send spam messages to your users, which leads to complete blacklisting of the server. Botnet attacks are signs of a vulnerable website and need immediate migration to stop it.

2. Silent card capture attack

This attack can literally drown your business and put the customers in a vulnerable situation. Silent card capture permits hackers to access the payment details of customers. These attacks are not easy to detect and can impact your business’s future destructively. E-commerce website re-platforming is the only way to keep such damaging attacks at bay.

Brute force attacks 

Brute force attacks can put customer passwords at risk and allow hackers to easily access the account by guessing the predictable combination of passwords. If you are not considering E-Commerce re-platforming, it becomes effortless for the hackers to get entrée to your customer’s account and manipulate it for their selfish desires.

Slow site 

Too much time to load can compromise functionality and user satisfaction. Slow server response creates an undesirable impression that makes the customer leave the site within 3 seconds of poor host service. There are different methods to improve host services.  But if the problem continues even after taking measures, it is time to think about E-Commerce re-platforming the website.

False customer experience 

Your site may have too much to offer. But sluggish measures can impact business. Simple things like download time, image processing, page load, reactive time are important criteria to enhance the client experience. If your site is not efficient to provide a seamless experience in these areas, it needs E-Commerce re-platforming.

No scalability 

Most of the old sites are incapable of handling increased traffic. This makes scaling your business a daunting task. It is integral to switch to advanced platforms to make your site more competent and agile.

Fewer features 

As your business grows, your features will also grow. Your platform should have exciting features like plugins, apps, reformers to entice new customers. E-Commerce website re-platforming is the only way to bring more business if you lack these essential features.

Invisible suspicious activities are difficult to detect and manage most of the time. Moreover, enhancing the host experience can be a game-changer for your business. E-Commerce re-platforming makes your platform well-organized and nimble. The imminent challenge is that it requires time and effort to switch to another E-Commerce platform. NYL Technology can help you to switch effortlessly and build a strong site that provides impeccable results. Experienced veterans in our team assist you in every phase of the re-platforming and migration process to skillfully transforms your platform to bring further success.

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