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Best Android App Development SDKs, Libraries, and Frameworks

Vennila Ramasamy

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Best Android App Development SDKs, Libraries, and Frameworks

Mobile applications have gained popularity for their ease of use and smooth accessibility. Android is an OS available in even the most basic smartphones, which encourages businesses to develop android apps to reach all sets of audiences. 

The increased demand for android apps has also caused the libraries and frameworks in android app development to expand. Choosing between the frameworks, libraries, and SDKs available for android app development can be confusing. Let’s help you choose the best of them for your android app development.

SDK Vs Frameworks Vs Libraries:

Every developer would have come across these terms in their career, and well, there are lots of explanations available online. But there is a minute difference that these terms possess. Understanding it can help you decide the best tool for your development needs.

SDKs are tool kits that allow developers to build apps for a particular platform or programming language to communicate better with the hardware platform. It is a package that contains tutorials, sample code, libraries and APIs.Frameworks and SDKs have a very minute difference. Frameworks are the predefined structure to match the needs of your applications. It contains APIs to perform various functions.Libraries are predefined codes to perform a particular function. Developers can call predefined libraries to perform certain functionality.


The Android SDKs are software packages that allow developers to build apps for the android platform. Android releases an SDK with each of its new releases to make apps compatible with the new features. 

It includes :

  1. Libraries
  2. Debugger
  3. Emulator
  4. Documents for the APIs
  5. Sample Source Codes
  6. Tutorials for the Android OS.

Developing applications with native SDKs can give smooth flow compared to any cross-platform SDKs. 


The frameworks help the developer to derive the complete application. It can be a cross-platform app or a native app. Below is the list of Android app development frameworks trusted by the developers. 


It can be pretty surprising to see Flutter in the first of the list considering the age of the framework. But developers are swearing by Flutter for their cross-platform app development. 

Flutter is a smooth user interface SDK framework. It is an open-source platform with multiple features that makes development easy and effective. It is known for its ease of use and near-native experience. It uses a single codebase that makes development and maintenance simple. 

React Native:

React native is a general and well-trusted framework. Many famous applications like Facebook, WhatsApp are developed using React. This framework is a favourite because it is based on React JS and uses JavaScript to create, allowing developers to use the language they are comfortable with, unlike Flutter, which requires developers to use a new language called Dart. 

Since React Native is a tried and tested Framework, you need not think twice before relying on this platform. In addition to this, React Native has a large community that can give you the necessary support for these IOS and android frameworks.


Ionic is an open-source framework that was certified by MIT. This framework can use technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript to develop hybrid applications. Ionic has a large variety of animations, gestures, and tools that helps in improvising the application.   

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The android app libraries help use widespread tasks and UI objects like buttons and text boxes without writing codes from scratch. The few best Android app libraries are as below:

Dependency Injection Libraries:

The Dependency Injection Libraries are the libraries that require the object to be referenced by other objects in the class. Few commonly used Dependency Injection Libraries are:

Dagger 2:

Dagger 2 works on annotations. It is dependent on Java annotation processors. It checks the dependencies to estimate the compile time. It is a static library.

Networking Libraries:

Networking libraries allow the developer to track and analyze the communication process between the systems. It is essential in sharing information. The best networking library is 


Retrofit has many features and functionalities that make app building easy for the developer. It uses URL as the base for modeling in Java. RetroFit is the best fit for serialization as it supports popular serialization libraries.

Database Management Libraries:

Data is an asset and handling it seamlessly across platforms and applications needs well-tested codes. Database management libraries make data handling considerably easy for the developers. Below is a good Database Management Library:


The room is built on an SQL library. The Google-created framework lets developers build android applications for offline use. Relying on the SQL library has made it capable enough to solve the challenges faced in the traditional database like redundancy and management.

Debugging Libraries:

Debugging complex and lengthy codes with hundreds and hundreds of lines in it can not only make the process tough but sometimes impossible. The right Debugging libraries like the one mentioned below can make this easier.


Stetho is a debugging library for the native Android development process. This library also lets the developers access the chrome tools for developers. It helps in creating command-line control for the android app. 


Android app development is gaining momentum and many companies are wanting to develop an app. To develop a good android app you need a good Android app development company in Chennai, NYL technologies have experienced developers who can bring the best applications to you. Developing an app needs a complete understanding of the requirements and general knowledge of what the business is all about, to reach the right audience and get maximum engagement. We know what gets that, Mobile App Development Company in Chennai for years now, we have got our clients happy and successful. 

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