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Shopify Plus Vs Shopify: Differences you must know!

Vennila Ramasamy

5 mins

Shopify Plus Vs Shopify: Differences you must know!

Shopify Vs Shopify Plus

As an e-commerce development company, Shopify has made business easier with its easy platform that any non-tech person can build their business. While this is intriguing itself, is it necessary for your business to upgrade to a Shopify Plus subscription? Well maybe. But decide after knowing if the advanced features unique to Shopify Plus are what your business needs now!


The Shopify standard plan comes with three different plans that businesses can choose from; each differing in price offers various features accordingly. Below are the plans that Shopify offers:

  • Basic Shopify plan.
  • Shopify plan.
  • Advanced Shopify plan.

You can also try a 14 day free trial of any of these plans before subscribing to one.

Basic Shopify

This plan is most suitable for eCommerce businesses that have less staff strength, as it only allows two staff accounts. 

The Basic Shopify plan is the cheapest and simplest of all the plans excluding the Shopify lite plan offered by Shopify, 

The subscription charges are as low as $29 per month and come with a cost of 2.9% credit card rates and 30 cents for each transaction you make—an amount of an additional 2% fee on opting for a different payment provider. 


This account allows five staff accounts hence suits the small businesses. The subscription fee is $79 per month, which comes with a few customisable themes for free.

Each transaction in this plan will cost 2.6% credit card rates and 30 cents, along with an additional 1% fee on opting for a different payment provider. 

Advanced Shopify

A medium-sized business that might need around 15 staff accounts may choose an Advanced Shopify Plan. 

The subscription charges for this plan are $299 per month and come with a cost of 2.4% credit card rates and 30 cents for each transaction you make. While the Shopify payments are free, opting for a third-party payment provider will cost an additional 5% fee.

The Advanced Shopify may quite satisfy all your business needs, and you may choose to continue with it. However, you can also try all three plans alternatively to know the features better and understand which plan works the best for you.

Advanced Shopify plan may fit your budget and needs until you stay in a medium-sized business, but as your business grows it might become a bit costly and insufficient. This opinion is backed by the fact that Shopify will charge you $2000 per month as a business grows to make $800,000 a year.

The features of the Advanced Shopify plan may seem enough but the flexible and customisable features that the Shopify Plus offers needs to be tried by business to understand its advantages. 

A business that is making over $1M per year can easily manage its eCommerce with Shopify Plus features. 

Shopify Plus & Why you need this

Shopify plans mainly differ by prices while the features are almost common between the plans only limited in size, but Shopify and Shopify plus differ by price and the features offered.

Shopify plus charges start from $20000 a month to $40000 a month depending on your turnover and the additional services you plan to entail. The unique feature that Shopify Plus offers can give you a different level of growth. 

Reasons for you to choose Shopify Plus subscription are

Ability to sell online with Wholesale functionality

Wholesale sellers can now attach themselves to Shopify stores with a Shopify plus subscription and enjoy making large sales through the same Shopify website.

Tracking the orders from the same admin and creating unlimited staff accounts are limited to Shopify Plus members only. It also allows you to connect your social accounts to your Shopify store, and you are all set to sell directly on Facebook and other Social media through Shopify plus Launchpad. This feature helps in reaching a wide range of audiences over different channels. 

With these, your clients remain password-protected for the purchases they make through your wholesale channels.  

Reduced fee and increased savings:

Transaction fees for Shopify Plus accounts are just 0.15% for each transaction, while Shopify accounts cost 0.5% and there is no fee when opting for Shopify payments over third-party payment providers. 

This charge reduction may seem small in general but significantly impacts the large transactions made throughout the year. The higher monthly charges make it tough for small businesses to strive, but when you have your business growing year by year, a Shopify Plus account can show a massive cutdown in the yearly payment charges paid.

Don’t worry about handling your Flash sales:

Shopify websites are robust to handle as high as 10,000 transactions in a minute, allowing you to announce flash sales on your site without worrying about it going down due to high traffic.

A normal Shopify plan is not capable of withstanding heavy traffic like say a Black Friday sale. It is definite that your site may hang or go crashing down letting all your promotion work go in vain.

The supposed situation cannot happen in a Shopify Plus account as the site can handle a huge number of customers in the shortest possible time without letting the site crash.

Unique features like the Shopify flow feature that comes with the Shopify Plus subscription helps businesses in identifying loyal and regular customers and reward them with special discounts or complementaries. 

You can announce sales campaigns confidently with Shopify Plus subscriptions and make the most out of the increased sales count.

Expand your business across Countries:

The growth of the business is when it expands across borders and currencies, but the only barriers in implementing them are the language and cultural differences. Now with Shopify Plus, you can break these barriers.

Shopify Plus allows you to expand your store in different languages and domains like .uk, .in, .com, etc., without creating a separate store. It allows people across countries beyond languages to access your store parallelly in the language they are comfortable in.

You can customize your store to localize the prices and accept different currencies with Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus is bringing the technology to help you in growing across the globe breaking the differences one at a time. Of course, higher sales are equal to faster growth.

Devoted Shopify Plus Support:

Get a Shopify Plus subscription and enjoy 24/7 support. An account manager is assigned exclusively to solve your doubts and issues with your Shopify store. You can get all suggestions on e-Commerce services from your account manager. You can even get help on finding Shopify experts to develop the Shopify website designs that you love and make the migration as smooth and effortless as possible.

The dedicated account managers that are assigned to you on purchasing a Shopify Plus subscription is someone who is an expert in eCommerce and Shopify platform exclusively. Apart from helping you with your queries, these account managers can help you with the product launches too.

Extensive Customization options:

Looking presentable is inevitable whether it is an online or offline business, but online is more than being presentable, it is the trust you give your customers. 

Selecting themes for your website is different from branding your website. A Shopify account helps you customize a theme but with a Shopify Plus account, you can brand your store online. 

The liquid editor of the Plus account helps in changing your site’s look without changing the content in it. This feature is unique to Shopify Plus. Imagine the time and money you might save on changing the look of your site without actually changing anything else.

Select a theme or customise a theme with the help of Shopify developers who are fluent in the theme language of Shopify, and you can get your personalized design.

Not just one, or two Shopify Plus accounts can give you unbounded freedom to create the flexible design and filters of your choice.

Final Note:

Shopify Plus has its reasons for you to select one over the other Shopify plans. Analyze if you want a brand with a customized, unique design capable of withstanding a flash sale that can extend beyond boundaries. If your answer is Yes, just go for a Shopify Plus account, and as a Shopify Partner, we should be able to set up Shopify plus quickly!

A business that keeps growing from time to time should select a plan that has visions for the long term. Shopify Plus is a plan with a long-term vision that covers you even when your business expands and grows. It is cost-efficient and is observed closely.

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