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Shopify vs. Magento vs. Woocommerce | 7 Big Differences you should know

Shopify vs. Magento vs. Woocommerce | 7 Big Differences you should know

Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce are the leading giants in the field of e-commerce website development. They have successfully outshined their competitors by a great margin. Do you know that these three e-commerce platforms combined hold more than 50% of the e-commerce share of the market?

We will present you with the greatest showdown: Magento vs. Shopify vs WooCommerce. These three platforms are structured differently yet perfectly. They cater to all kinds of e-commerce needs. Before making a choice, one needs to consider severe aspects. We will try to make it simple for you by giving suggestions. Before starting with the comparison, let’s just briefly talk about these platforms.


Magento is considered to be the best and most customizable e-platform. It was introduced in 2007 and pretty soon went to have 500,000 users. Magento includes two services – the first one is Open Service, which is free of cost. The other one is Magento Commerce, a paid service.


Shopify is pretty easy to use. Even non-tech-savvy folks can easily create a website. At present, 820,000 retailers are using this platform. Shopify is the most popular and commonly used e-commerce platform.


Presently, it runs nearly 3 million online stores. It is fundamentally a WordPress plugin. One can install it on any WordPress-hosted website.

Let’s talk about the comparison now. We will compare these platforms based on different criteria.

SEO Effectiveness

  • Magento – It offers its users advanced SEO features together with inbuilt analytics. You can easily customize SEO as per the needs of your website. Research conducted in 2017 revealed that Magento had an SEO score of 100 out of 100.
  • Shopify – It is also search engine optimized. However, it doesn’t give much scope for customizations.
  • WooCommerce – It provides a great degree of SEO. It has a wide range of plugins and extensions.
  • Best one – Both Magento and Woocommerce

Ease of Use

  • Magento – To create a website on Magento, one needs the assistance of experts or developers. It is quite difficult to run a website on Magento without knowing HTML and PHP.
  • Shopify – No prior knowledge of website development is required for designing a website on Shopify.
  • WooCommerce – If you run websites using its free plugins and themes, it is convenient and easy. But using customizations gets complicated and tricky.
  • Best one – Shopify


  • Magento – Security is definitely not a problem in Magento. It provides great many security extensions and plugins.
  • Shopify – Being a global platform, it is secure and reliable. There haven’t been known instances of Shopify security breach.
  • WooCommerce – With Several security plugins, your website can be easily protected.
  • Best-One – Magento

Added Benefits 

In this Magento vs. Shopify vs. WooCommerce clash, some benefits are unique to each e-commerce platform.


  • Provides hosting freedom.
  • Can host multiple websites.
  • Great site Speed.


  • It has a Mobile App which enables you to manage the store on the go.
  • It has professional yet wonderful-looking themes.


  • It has several themes and plugins.
  • Using Woocommerce, you can sell almost any type of product.

When Can you use these platforms?

  • Magento is appropriate for medium to big organizations. It is also great if you want to grow your business tremendously.
  • Shopify is ideal for small businesses. It is great for people who do not know to code.
  • Woocommerce is appropriate for people who already have WordPress-hosted websites or domains.


We have tried to include all the critical points in the comparison for Magento Vs. Shopify Vs. WooCommerce.  As the best e-commerce website development company, we can help you in finding the best platform for you. To make the final call yourself, consider these characteristics – cost, performance, themes offered, customizability, security, and technical support.

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