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Shopping Cart Abandonment: How good UX Design can improve your Business Conversions?


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Shopping Cart Abandonment: How good UX Design can improve your Business Conversions?

Undeniably, Shopping Cart Abandonment is a familiar yet significant subject matter in the field of E-commerce. Research shows that customers end up abandoning around 88% of the orders. This becomes quite problematic for retailers who are hunting for ways to improve conversions and boost sales. In this particular blog post, we will illuminate you about Shopping Cart Abandonment and how you can improve conversions. Apart from that, we will provide you with some amazing E-commerce Conversion Tips. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Let’s first briefly understand what does Shopping Cart Abandonment denotes.
Shopping Cart Abandonment happens when an online buyer searches the products online but doesn’t end up completing his purchase. Shopping Cart Abandonment is a serious issue bothering E-commerce corporations and businesses. Shopping Cart Abandonment leads to lesser sales and revenue for the companies. If you want to bring this Shopping Cart Abandonment rate down, let’s first understand the reasons behind this issue.

What are the main causes for Shopping Cart Abandonment?

There are many causes of an abandoned cart. We will have a look at the prominent ones. However, it is essential to note that we can fix the abandonment of carts with a UX design for both mobile phones and desktops.

Here are some major causes that lead to Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • Quite often, the checkout process is complicated.
  • Customers face technical glitches while moving forward on the website.
  • There is no checkout option for guests.
  • The security concerns.
  • The cost is shipping is pretty high.
  • There is no proper return policy.
  • Fewer payment options are available for customers.
  • There is inadequate customer support.

E-commerce Conversion Tips

If you are looking for solutions to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment, offer a higher-level user experience ( UX ). Therefore, one of the best E-commerce Conversion Tips is to improve your UX design. This will help in enhancing the checkout experience and improve conversions.

Let’s now discuss some E-commerce Conversion Tips

Try to establish trust among your customers

If you want to boost sales and avoid cart abandonment, then make sure you establish trust among your customers. Especially when customers make a payment, they should feel secure in sharing their card details.

Provide Guest Checkout option

Another prominent tip is to offer your customers the option of guest checkout. If you do so, you will definitely notice a tremendous increase in your sales and revenue. Several online merchants now offer this option to their buyers. Guest Checkout is when customers can make purchases without making an account on your website or store. Most of the customers prefer this option.

Try to add images or thumbnails for the items in the cart throughout the checkout process

If you add images or thumbnails for the items in the cart during the checkout process, it will make your buyers feel comfortable. With this, the buyers can remember all products they are purchasing. Such small yet efficient features can improve the shopping experience of customers. In return, it also helps to improve conversions.

Try to enhance the page loading time

Who likes to use slower sites? Nobody, right? Therefore, you can reduce the time pages take to load so that your customers don’t get bored.

Upscale your website’s UX and lower instances of Shopping Cart Abandonment with NYL!

The tactics discussed above can be indeed helpful in avoiding Shopping Cart Abandonment. However, it is imperative for you to design a unique strategy for your business. You can turn to IT professionals to do this task for you. Experts at NYL Technology help develop and create distinctive UX designs for your website that will enhance the customer experience. Contact NYL today to boost your sales and get rid of Shopping Cart Abandonment effortlessly.

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