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What is WooCommerce? | 10 Big Reasons to choose it


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What is WooCommerce? | 10 Big Reasons to choose it

A great number of new E-Commerce platforms get launched every now and then. In this regard, new online merchants have numerous options to make the final choice. WooCommerce is used by around 2.3 million online stores worldwide. This platform is primarily convenient and easy to use for new online retailers. In this particular blog, we will give you the ten advantages or benefits of using WooCommerce. Before that, let’s first understand “what is WooCommerce?”

What is WooCommerce?

Simply put, WooCommerce is an E-Commerce plugin, particularly for WordPress. It is quite easy to create and manage online stores using WooCommerce. Some significant features of WooCommerce WordPress include – inventory and tax management, secure payments, and shipping integration. It has over 27 million downloads to date. It is regarded as the best and extensively used WordPress plugin for online retailers. It is pretty easy to use, even for beginners.

Undeniably, WooCommerce is indeed the finest and most popular E-Commerce plugin for WordPress. This integration is beneficial as it provides the potential for both SEO and E-Commerce operations.

Now that we’ve talked about “what is WooCommerce”, let’s briefly understand how it works and how to set up an online store.

How does WooCommerce work?

As stated earlier, WooCommerce mainly works as a plugin. It is a third-party download. It merges with a WordPress site and is compatible with all its functions.

How can you set up a WooCommerce store?

Well, its installation involves four simple steps, which are as follows

First, open your WordPress dashboard. Select “Plugin Options” and then search for WooCommerce. You can then download the plugin.

After doing so, the Setup Wizard will guide you through the quick yet simple process of creating and maintaining your online store.

Advantages of WooCommerce – Why should you choose WooCommerce?

1. The Pricing of WooCommerce

When choosing any E-Commerce platform, the first thing a retailer considers is the “price factor.” So, the very first reason to choose WooCommerce is that it is free and cost-effective.

2. WooCommerce is equivalent to WordPress

” WooCommerce is WordPress, isn’t it? ”

The connection between the two gives WooCommerce a great strength. WordPress is extremely popular because of its flexibility and functionality. So is WooCommerce. It is easy to use, secure and fast.

3. It can be used to sell anything

WooCommerce can be used to sell anything and everything. One can sell almost any kind of product using it. It is highly flexible.

4. WooCommerce is Modular 

WooCommerce includes a wide range of features and extensions. In this regard, its modular framework is incredible.

5. WooCommerce incorporates powerful analytics 

WooCommerce offers a great set of analytics presented in a clear manner. It is simply best for retailers to know about their customers and how they engage with your store.

6. It has a wonderful community of developers 

WordPress and WooCommerce are open sources. In that sense, retailers can easily add or change new features, themes, extensions as per their requirements. The retailers thus get a benefit from a wide range of WooCommerce developers.

7. WooCommerce offers an incredible Content Management System 

Content is a vital element of E-Commerce marketing and SEO. Both WooCommerce and WordPress offer a wide range of Content Management options like email marketing, blogging.

8. WooCommerce helps to grow your business

WooCommerce helps in growing your business exponentially. If your WooCommerce website grows, so does your online store.

9. The platform is fast and flexible

Another reason to choose it is that it provides a fast and flexible experience for online stores.

10. Helps to promote sales of your business

WooCommerce is essentially designed for selling products. It incorporates everything that a new merchant requires to run his store online.

Start your E-commerce growth journey with WooCommerce!

In brief, WooCommerce is certainly the best way to grow your E-Commerce Business online. It provides the best E-Commerce solutions to its users. With this tool, you can surely witness a jump in the sales of your products online. Its premier features make it quite desirable for all E-commerce businesses. NYL Technology provides E-Commerce Website Development Services and can help you with WooCommerce Website Development that will help you manage your e-commerce business in a more efficient manner.

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