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Why Magento 2.3.4 is the right choice in 2021?


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Why Magento 2.3.4 is the right choice in 2021?

The world has seen a gradual shift to techno-driven companies in the past few years. Several businesses have expanded their bases on the web world. This expansion has been possible with the use of notable E-Commerce websites. Thus, we saw advancements and development in web applications and software as well. They have definitely made processing and business easier for merchants, customers, and E-Commerce web developers. Now, the existing systems are updating their services and making the lives of business organizations even easier. One of the most prominently employed tools in the realm of E-Commerce is Magento.

Magento has now launched an upgraded version that is Magento 2.3.4, for all online merchants. It is one of the tools online retailers need to make their lives simpler in the year 2021. Here’s what makes Magento 2.3.4 unique. We have listed some of its remarkable features and updates that are very useful and have garnered increased popularity.

Magento 2.3.4 comes with staunch security

The main reason for Magento’s success is its advanced security options. The core team of experts behind Magento 2.3.4 has aimed to make its security options more relevant. They have also upscaled the quality of the security arrangements by removing bugs from the software quickly. With Magento 2.3.4, the team has made nearly 220 minor and about 30 vital modifications to the security settings.
Thus, with Magento 2.3.4, you get ultra-advanced security, which is a must-have in this virtual world in the present times of 2021.

Special Upgrades in Magento 2.3.4

Okay, so this new Magento version has many advanced features and options. There are a few remarkable changes from the previous edition to the latest one. The most promising alterations include-

  • Page session caching and storage is updated. Now, it is tested and updated in Redis v5.0.6.
  • With the new version, the system integrators can now operate the declarative schema with MYSQL and MariaDB. You can use this feature once you normalize the values and fix the command configuration error.
  • Magento 2.3.4 is now similar or congruent with the RabbitMQ v3.8. This improvisation offers a better experience to the users.

Performance enhancement in Magento 2.3.4

The analysts made a few amendments to the Magento 2.3.4, resulting in significant growth and advancement in the system operation. These comprise-

  • Another exciting upgrade is the resolution of the refactoring of unnecessary requests in the client section. Also, in the new version, there is an up-gradation in the banner cache logic.
  • The revised grouping mechanism now recognizes all the JS dependencies. This one is because they have refactored the PHTML files. It now has enhanced the grouping mechanism compatibility.
  • There is a new setting available in which the user can turn Magento reports on and off. This one is available in System settings> general> reports> general options. Thus, now disabling of the collection of statistical information for the reports is now available by default.

Improved Inventory management

Due attention has been given specifically to the inventory management of the Magento platform. The usability has improved in this new version with the help of the following changes-

  • In the previous version of this, there were performance issues. The cause for this issue was an increase in load on the database during the use of the shopping cart on the site. Now, in the new version, there is an eradication of this performance issue.
  • The CLI command of the Magento platform got updated to minimize memory usage. The previous version used up a lot of memory when it was trying to find the needing reservations. The new Magento 2.3.4 has sorted out this glitch too. With the world advancing into a more techno-driven world, updates like these thus, become necessary.
  • Numerous issues, including credit notes and buddle projects, were also resolved in this newer version.

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With all these new updates and innovations, Magento 2.3.4 is totally the choice of 2021.
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