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A new trend in the IoT space-IoT.2

A new trend in the IoT space-IoT.2

Technologies come and they evolve, new trends arise in every phase of evolution. Similarly, the technical world is experiencing a new trend of IoT called IoT.2. Have you not heard about it yet? Let us explain.

IoT space

As the M2M mindset was taken over by the IoT mindset, progressive companies found their way to grade up their business with IoT solutions. The Companies that adapted to IoT technology during their initial stages to speed up their business growth did enjoy some success but the innovative solutions they have invested in are now outdated. 

The issue is that the IoT that was in the growing phase in 2016, transformed into a developed technology due to the innovations and solutions that surged due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this unexpected growth of the technology leave no choice for the companies looking to scale their existing IoT architecture other than redesigning it from scratch with the current standardized technologies.

This can be quite exhausting and costly for the businesses that opted for a closed system like SigFox and MiWi, which were significant during the initial days of IoT but have no ecosystem to support today’s technology. However, open system technologies like LoRaWan are winning at a great speed,  due to their ability to adapt and scale. 

Most Companies did not weigh the scalability of the options they were getting into, during the early phase of IoT, the goal was to reach the market the earliest, but now it seems that the mistake is realized as the company leaders are now recalculating their approach to the IoT space. 

Billions of dollars that were invested into building a reliable solution are giving the company leaders a hard time as they realize that the only option to evolve is to rebuild from the start. But can this be skipped? can one not scale their business and adapt to newer technologies? That will be a hard no, as most of the technologies of the past don’t work for today’s needs. IoT has evolved and so should the companies depending on these technologies too.


The thought of hitting the reset button should probe companies to question the technology they plan to deploy in all possible ways. Factors like the growth of the ecosystem that your chosen solution offers, the availability of better technologies, vendor engagement, degree of future-proof the technology offers, should be considered before deploying a solution.

The IoT.2 solution so far is said to be going well and looks like future proof, but it might not be everyone’s choice. Few IoT disruptive solutions are a success, but to install one for you will depend on the field that you thrive. 

Few solutions have been a success, for example, temperature monitoring comes as a blessing in the food industry, restaurants, in monitoring and digitizing the temperature records, not just this, agriculture has seen enormous growth since moving to battery-powered soil moisture sensing machines with remote-controlled valves. Needless to say, the help that IoT solutions rendered in tracking the affected patients during this Covid-19 pandemic. The success of these solutions gives hope on future proof of the solution to invest in.

Resetting the business architecture might be a choice now, but it is only a matter of time to become a need, so transforming to IoT.2 when it still is a choice can save time and money. 

Hit the F5 key now

Navigating to IoT.2 might be a hard choice to make, but you are not alone in the process. There are several IoT companies and experts out there to help you. They will help you with the trends and updates of the field and allow you to opt for the solution that suits your needs perfectly.

You could do this yourself but with a high probability of choosing experimental solutions that your business might not need. You need a solid, credible solution to scale up your business and you get one with the help of IoT aggregators. 

Now refreshing your architecture is as short as a matter of weeks, find the IoT.2 solution that works for you and start building your business. The pain will be worth it.

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