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6 Easy Steps to Make Magento Blazing Fast


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6 Easy Steps to Make Magento Blazing Fast

Are you among those online store owners with Magento who face speed issues with your site? The pages don’t load properly or take a long time to load. Such instances can hinder your E-Commerce performance. Everyone prefers to use fast sites, isn’t it?

In this regard, you should hunt for ways in order to speed up Magento 2. Truth be told, there are several causes of poor performance. However, the best thing you can do whenever the website runs slow is to fix the technical issues and recognize the blockages. These hindrances can cause several problems to you and your consumers. If you want to improve the performance of your online store, then switch to Magento 2 from the past versions.

This blog post will elucidate some prominent yet easy steps to make your Magento website lightning fast. Without further delay, let’s dive in!

Some easy steps to consider for making Magento Website Development flaming fast are as follows

Step 1:  Switch to Magento 2 if you are still using Magento 1

The first major step is to upgrade to Magento 2 if you haven’t already. The benefits of doing so are numerous. The origin of Magento 2 can be traced back to 2015. Ever since then, it has been a favorite of retailers, conglomerates, and start-ups.  Magento 2 is definitely faster than Magento 1.

Step 2:  Follow the finest performance practices of Magento

The documentation of Magento 2 includes a main section entitled Best Performance Practices. This guide is indeed helpful for improving page speed. It incorporates some tips to enhance the performance of Magento, recommendations for software and hardware, and some practices to configure your online store.

Some of these tips are

  • It is recommended to turn on caches.
  • It is suggested to enable Asynchronous email notifications.
  • It is highly recommended to enable the Client-side optimization settings.

Step 3: Select the correct plan as well as hosting provider

Hosting is something that you can’t really ignore if you want a fast website. Magento Website Development is definitely faster when you buy the correct plan and hosting service.

The four significant kinds of web hosting options are as follows –

  1. Shared Server Hosting ( Perfect for Beginners )
  2. Virtual Private Server Hosting ( VPS )
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting ( Business level hosting )
  4. Cloud Server Hosting ( It is the future of web hosting )

Step 4: Enhance the “Cache” Flow

Another step is to increase the flow of cache. The term cache means pre-loading of web pages to offer faster delivery of content. It is absolutely important to align your caching strategy with your online store. Magento for E-commerce recommends using Varnish full-page caching and Redis session storage caching for faster loading.

Step 5: Check out Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

In recent times, CDNs deliver most of the world’s web traffic. CDNs have their servers worldwide, and they provide a better customer experience. Magento supports CDNs.

Step 6: Consider getting yourself a site audit so as to check the blockages

Magento Website Development Agency and your own IT experts are the most suited people for Magento Code Audit. As stated earlier, there could be several causes of blockages like third-party extensions, numerous search requests, stagnant image loading, wrong written and unoptimized code.

With a site audit, you can identify and resolve such technical issues to better customer experience. To speed up Magento Website Development, try to disable the modules you don’t use often. The other thing you can do is to disable the unnecessary and insignificant features. Our NYL developers can also help you out with the audit process.

Make your Magento Site Blazing Fast with NYL Technology

Pace your Magento website and your E-Commerce progress with speed optimization services from some experts. Experts at NYL Technology can assist you in improvising your site speed at the most budget-friendly rates.

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