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Why Choose OutSystems as Your Low-Code Mobile App Builder?


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Why Choose OutSystems as Your Low-Code Mobile App Builder?

Say farewell to the world of tedious coding! When it comes to low-code mobile app development, OutSystems emerges as your ultimate low-code platform. With the convenience of one-click deployment to all app stores, OutSystems empowers IT teams to channel their energy into crafting exceptional user experiences and pioneering innovative features.

OutSystems offers Three Approaches for Mobile App Development:

  1. Native Mobile App Development: Construct applications that users can install directly on their mobile devices. These apps tap into the device’s sensors, operate seamlessly offline, and offer a user experience meticulously crafted for a native feel.
  2. Responsive Web App Development: Create applications that users can access through their mobile web browsers without the need for installation. These apps employ responsive web technologies to automatically adapt to various devices and browsers, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  3. Mobile Backend with OutSystems: Utilize OutSystems as the backend infrastructure for your custom-built native mobile app. Continue using familiar development tools like XCode, Android Studio, or Visual Studio, along with their respective native languages, while harnessing the robust capabilities of OutSystems for backend support.”

Unified Code Base, Versatile Device Compatibility

OutSystems equips your mobile apps for seamless installation and operation on both iOS and Android devices while effortlessly adapting to diverse form-factors, all from a single code base. Developers can craft the UI and front-end code just once, eliminating the need for code adaptations to cater to specific devices.

This achievement is made possible through OutSystems’ generation of highly efficient hybrid applications, harnessing the power of the Cordova framework. OutSystems’ mobile apps feature an optimized, responsive JavaScript core, enveloped within a native shell responsible for managing device interactions, offline data handling, and logic execution.

Source: OutSystems

Intuitively Craft Your Mobile App’s User Interface

OutSystems empowers you to design your mobile app’s user interface effortlessly through a “what you see is what you get” editor, equipped with an array of tools for crafting a superb user experience (UX). These tools encompass a drag-and-drop editor, flexible grid and flex layouts, intelligent vertical spacing, and productivity boosters like UI patterns and screen templates, streamlining the creation of mobile screens for maximum efficiency.

The screen editor provides a real-time, pixel-perfect preview of your design, enhancing the workflow by allowing you to swiftly preview and fine-tune your design across various devices.

Source: OutSytems
Source: OutSystems

Effortless and Robust Offline Applications

OutSystems equips you with a comprehensive toolkit for constructing applications capable of seamless operation in offline or low-network conditions. When you build applications with OutSystems, they automatically cache all essential content on the user’s device to optimize performance and ensure uninterrupted offline access. Moreover, OutSystems’ visual language furnishes you with all the necessary controls to manage the data sent to the device, allowing you to fine-tune the offline experience.

Source: OutSystems

Enhance the Security of Your Mobile Apps

OutSystems revolutionizes the development and deployment of secure mobile applications, fostering a secure runtime environment. OutSystems’ integrated application lifecycle management capabilities streamline DevOps processes, establishing a robust foundation for a secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). You can delve deeper into OutSystems’ comprehensive security practices by exploring our general security framework [insert link].

In recent years, the rise in cyber threats targeting B2C applications has been relentless, leading to downtime, data breaches, intellectual property theft, and substantial regulatory penalties. In our unwavering commitment to staying ahead of contemporary mobile security challenges, we proudly introduce OutSystems AppShield.

AppShield, available as an additional cost add-on, augments security layers seamlessly during deployment, bolstering applications’ resistance to intrusion, tampering, and reverse engineering.

This integration is fully synchronized with the Mobile Apps Build Service, enabling one-click publication of secure mobile apps. After initial setup, iOS and Android applications packaged and released through MABS (Mobile Apps Build Service) will automatically incorporate OutSystems AppShield’s advanced safeguards. These features encompass native code obfuscation, root/jailbreak detection, repackaging detection, code injection protection, emulator detection, and keylogger protection—ensuring the security of your mobile apps both in storage and during runtime.

Unleash the potential of low-code development with OutSystems and witness the transformation of your digital landscape.

Talk to us about how NYL Technology can help you custom-design mobile apps using OutSystems Low Code Platform that will accelerate your digital transformation.

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