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Manufacture products for the future using rapid prototyping technology

Engineer your next product design with our rapid prototyping technology solutions. Add a new dimension to your manufacturing operations with CAD visualization, 3D printing, prototyping, and additive manufacturing.

Rapid prototyping is a way to design an initial product model through a fast manufacturing process such as 3D printing, Urethane Casting, CNC machining, or laser cutting. The material benefits of rapid prototyping are as real as its outcomes—faster product manufacturing and cost-effectiveness.

NYL Technology offers value-driven, high-quality rapid prototyping services to speed up your product manufacturing process.

Over the years, our engineers have helped several startups and manufacturing businesses across the globe to turn their prototypes into reality.

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Build aesthetically amazing, functionally sound products

Speed up manufacturing time

At NYL Technology, we will show you how you can use rapid prototyping RP at any stage of your product development cycle to design and develop new products.

Save product development costs

Reiterate prototyping a product or its sub-component numerous times until you find the best functional design. Save your manufacturing overheads along the way.

Low on risks, high on functionality

Rapid prototyping allows you to test your proof-of-concept ideas before finalizing the product specification. With each prototyping, you can test a product’s design and functionality.

Improve user involvement

Create direct feedback loops with all stakeholders and encourage active user involvement. Invite users to collaborate during the prototype development phase to shorten the feedback cycle

What’s our hardware development process like



We define the need or opportunity and validate whether or not the proposed solution works.



We take a user-centric approach to optimize the proposed solution and test various design assumptions.



We start designing and engineering once the idea and concepts have been well-defined.



We create a functional prototype to ensure the product works the way we designed it to.



We then test and validate the product from a design and engineering perspective.



Once we’ve completed the development process, we begin the production of the products.



We will continue to provide the support needed to test and create product iterations based on user feedback.

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