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Tired of waiting around while your app is still cooking? Let’s break the waiting with Low code app development. A visual approach to the code development environment enables the developers to integrate independent components. Worry not! We compromise only with endless lines of code and not the quality. 

Low Code app development has proven to be 10x to 20x time efficient and faster in product delivery at a much lower price compared to traditional high code development. Are you tempted to try this new approach to modernize your legacy systems? We are here to help you!

NYL is a leading Low code app development service provider in India and Singapore. We help you create web and mobile applications with Low code app platforms that fit your existing systems. 

We use the latest Low code app development platforms like OutSystems, Mendix, Appian, and Salesforce to engineer our innovative technical approach to your business needs. Contact us to grow your business with software solutions that rule the trend.

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Experts say it’s a game-changing technology that will capture 65% of the application development domain by 2024.

Accelerated digital transformation using Low Code


OutSystems has been proven to be the best platform for faster development with elite-level CI/CD capabilities. As an implementation provider, we help MNCs to develop stable products that need low maintenance and are delivered rapidly. NYL has certified OutSystems developers who can quickly develop and deliver unique, high-value, complex apps.  As OutSystem's top implementation provider, we are the team with the highest number of OutSystems-certified professionals. We help MNCs rapidly design, develop, and deploy digital solutions on the OutSystems platform in a matter of days.


Appian is a pioneer and leader in the low-code software development space with extensive capabilities — Dynamic Case Management, Business Process Management, Intelligent Automation, RPA — enabling enterprises to develop powerful applications at lightning speed.Appian offers features like complete automation with RPA, brilliant Business Process Management, Dynamic Case Management, and Intelligent Automation at rapid speed. NYL has successfully developed and deployed solutions for different businesses globally with a 100% success rate. We have a 9+ NPS rating and have been denounced as an implementation solution provider in the Appian app space.

What’s our software development process like



You tell us what you’d like to build and which business goals you want to achieve



We’ll work with you to determine how it should all tie back to existing processes.


Design or prototyping

Our expert team will ideate how the software will ideally look and function.



When you give us the go, we will start building the software with ongoing quality assurance.



We work with you to determine whether the software works as expected.



We work with your team to launch the software solution for your organization.


Maintenance and support

We’ll continue monitoring the solution in an ongoing capacity and provide support as needed.

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