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Make manufacturability the envy of your competitors

We know hardware product design and embedded systems development in a way that delivers innovative solutions that give you an edge over your competitors.

With our combined expertise in hardware engineering and software development, you’ll be building cutting-edge hardware solutions in no time.

At NYL Technology, we provide industry-specific hardware engineering services such as prototyping, product design, FPGA, embedded software, and value-driven engineering services such as compliance engineering.

Whether you are looking for partial lifecycle product engineering or full lifecycle solutions, we offer custom hardware solutions to meet your requirements.

We have worked with various clients across all the stages of the product life cycle in helping them build end-to-end hardware products. We take pride in our engineering team’s ability to proactively work with the customers in understanding their business use cases and coming up with specific solutions that meet their timeline and budget.


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We need firmware skilled people who could work remotely and deliver on time, which they gave very efficiently. NYL’s reliability and trustworthiness add massive value to our partnership continuing.


Explore endless opportunities with your new IoT hardware

Rapid Prototyping

We provide rapid prototyping services to help you develop a more robust product or device with fewer false starts. And we have cutting-edge prototyping and production manufacturing technology, advanced industrial-grade equipment, and an expert team of hardware engineers to make it possible.

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Firmware Development

Our developers are intimately familiar with interfacing to hardware and love bare-metal programming. New circuitry? Custom CPU/MCU? Nothing but schematics? We are your expert ally for embedded-systems design and firmware development services.

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What’s our hardware development process like



We define the need or opportunity and validate whether or not the proposed solution works.



We take a user-centric approach to optimize the proposed solution and test various design assumptions.



We start designing and engineering once the idea and concepts have been well-defined.



We create a functional prototype to ensure the product works the way we designed it to.



We then test and validate the product from a design and engineering perspective.



Once we’ve completed the development process, we begin the production of the products.



We will continue to provide the support needed to test and create product iterations based on user feedback.

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